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Last updated 5/2023
Created by Mostafa Mahmoud
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Learn GetX State Management

What you’ll learn
Master GetX State Management
How to deal with Getx Routing
How to deal with MVC with Getx
How to deal with Dependency Injection
How to deal with Binding
How to deal with Get Storage
How to deal translation with Get Localization
How to makehttp requests using Get Connect

Basics of Flutter and Dart

GetX is not only a state management library, but instead, it is a microframework combined with route management and dependency injection. It aims to deliver top-of-the-line development experience in an extra lightweight but powerful solution for Flutter. GetX has three basic principles on which it is built:Performance: focused on minimum consumption of memory and resourcesProductivity: intuitive and efficient tool combined with simplicity and straightforward syntax that ultimately saves development timeOrganization: decoupling business logic from view and presentation logic cannot get better than this. You do not need context to navigate between routes, nor do you need stateful widgetsIn this course you will learn the basics of Getx How to deal with getx as State managementHow to deal with Dependency injection of getx (Get.put – Get.lazyPut – Get.find)How to deal with Route management of getxHow to show Snack BarHow to show bottom sheetHow to show dialogHow to Navigate without named routesHow to Navigate with named routesHow to use ObxHow to use GetXControllerHow to use GetX with Controller TypeHow to use Simple State Manager- GetBuilderHow to use Getx Controller Lifecycle methodsHow to use (Getx Localization_translation) Implement Internationalization (localization)GetX ServiceHow to makehttp Requests (to call Api)Get X Binding

Who this course is for
Everyone who intrested Flutter
Beginner and Junior developer who wants to master flutter
Flutter developers who still need more


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