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Last updated 5/2023
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This foundational Google Docs training prepares learners to create and format documents with Google Docs, then publish them, print them, share them with others and collaborate on them — all effortlessly.

Google Docs might be a modern day marvel, but it comes with caveats. Sure there might not be a more ubiquitous cloud-based collaboration software suite, but it wouldn’t be a Google product if it didn’t have particularities and oddities that pose a real challenge to master. Google Docs training might sound simplistic at first, but if you and your teams use it on a regular basis, learning to master the productivity software will unlock your team’s — you guessed it — productivity. How else are team members going to master Google docs or learn all its additional, hidden features?

With Google Docs training, you’ll accelerate everyone’s productivity and reduce everyone’s headaches.

For anyone who manages their Google Docs training, this Docs training can be used to onboard new technical or non-technical professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Docs reference resource.

Google Docs: What You Need to Know
This Google Docs training has videos that cover topics such as

Creating new documents, saving them and moving their file locations
Formatting the appearance, location and styling of text
Managing the different sharing and collaboration options of a document
Using special functions and tools unique to Google Docs

Who Should Take Google Docs Training?
This Google Docs training is considered foundational-level training, which means it was designed for technical or non-technical professionals with some experience with Docs — or no experience at all.

Google Docs user training. The attraction most employers feel for using Google Docs is in how easy learning it seems. If you have a question about it, just Google it! But you shouldn’t approach Google Docs like it’s Microsoft Word on the cloud. Google Docs training is how you can learn all the ways that Google Docs is a unique software — in an intentional and structured way that doesn’t leave anything out. If you use Google Docs frequently, get training in using it and rest assured you’ll be fast and efficient with it.

New or aspiring IT professionals. Many people who recently started a job in IT or who are looking for their first IT job make a similar mistake. They assume that the only tools they need to know are the technical tools of their craft. But more often than not, what that does is leave those new employees ignorant of the basic functionality of the tools the rest of the company depends on for everyday tasks. You’ll do paperwork, you’ll write reports and you’ll be using Google Docs in your job. Get this Google Docs training and make sure you know the non-technical tools of your job just as well as you know the technical ones.


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