Schrodinger Suite 2024-1 x64


Schrödinger Suites 2024新版发布!

Schrödinger提供致力于解决药物研究中挑战的完整软件套装。对于以结构为基础的药物设计,Prime是一款精确蛋白质结构预测软件包;Glide执行准确,迅速的配体-受体对接;Liaison预测结合与亲和力;QSite用来研究蛋白质活性区域内的反应机制;Schrödinger还提供Phase用于作基于配体的药效建模,QikProp用于候选药物的ADME性状预测。另外,LigPrep是一款用于深度计算机分析配体库准备的快速2D至3D转换程序。最近,Schrödinger还引入CombiGlide用于焦点库设计,引入Epik对生物环境中的配体质子化状态做精确枚举。 此外,Schrödinger还提供利用计算化学最新技术的产品。Jaguar,高性能初始量子力学组件,MacroModel,分子模拟领域最受信赖的名字,已经广泛地应用于从材料到生命科学等全面的化学研究中。Strike是一款用于检查组织性能关系的化学方法统计程序包。 Maestro是所有Schrödinger计算机程序的用户接口,提供提供强大、充分集成的分子的显现和分析环境

x64 | File Size: 6.90 GB

Schrцdinger is a scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research. Schrцdinger aims to provide integrated software solutions and services that truly meet its customers’ needs.

We want to empower researchers around the world to achieve their goals of improving human health and quality of life through advanced computational techniques that transform the way chemists design compounds and materials. By building and deploying breakthrough scientific software solutions and forming collaborations and partnerships, we help scientists accelerate their research and development activities, reduce costs, and make novel discoveries that might otherwise not be possible.

Schrцdinger software suite is a drug design software using both ligand and structure-based methods. Schrцdinger provides accurate, reliable, and high performance computational technology to solve real-world problems in life science research. It provides superior solutions and services for the design, selection, and optimization of novel drug candidates. Schrцdinger’s predictive models will enable drug discovery scientists to assess properties of chemical compounds early in the discovery process and to select drug candidates that have optimal profiles. The predictive power of Schrцdinger’s software allows scientists to accelerate their research and development activities, reduce research costs, and make novel discoveries that might not be possible with other computational or experimental approaches.

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10, versions, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2/Windows 11, version 21H2.
CPU:x86_64 compatible processor
Memory:4 GB memory per core
Space:18 GB disk space for software installation; 400-500 GB if databases (PDB, BLAST, etc) are also installed
Network card with a configured network interface
16-bit color (for Maestro)




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