Hexagon Edgecam 2023.1.2407 x64


EDGECAM 是市场领先的用于计算机辅助制造 (CAM) 系统,它为铣削、车削和铣削/车削编程提供了完整的解决方案,具有无与伦比的易用性和复杂的刀具路径生成功能。 Edgecam 极大地简化了从生产铣削和工具制造到铣削/车削多任务加工的所有加工应用程序的编程。 凭借一系列 2 到 6 轴铣削循环和完整的车削功能,它与 CAD 集成和复杂的自动化工具无缝结合。

File Size: 6.12 GB

Edgecam – automated creation of control programs for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines
Edgecam is a tool for solving problems in the production process – from obtaining a computer model of a part through to creating a control program and transferring it to CNC devices.

Edgecam allows you to simulate the entire processing process on the screen

create an installation scheme for fastening the workpiece and tool;
view the trajectory of the tool with control of movements at idle speed and possible collisions with fastening equipment;
make sections of the processed workpiece to detail complex areas and visualize the quality of processing;
compare design and technological models and analyze the presence of gouges and unfinished areas.

The program has a unified graphical environment for designing parts and modeling processing technology on CNC machines.
The possibilities of wireframe, surface and solid modeling are presented.
Program modules allow you to

prismatic and surface milling;
complex turning on several axes;
simple milling or turning;
rotary and multi-position milling;
processing of entire groups of parts and components.

Edgecam generates NC code. Using Edgecam tools, it is possible to develop machining strategies that optimize tool paths.
To disable the training license (*.epf) in the license file, comment out the line with “ENEDU-0”.

System requirements

Window 10+ (Professional) x64
Graphics card with OpenGL 3.3 support
minimum resolution 1920×1080
support for at least 65,000 colors
4 GB of RAM




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