Strand7 R3.1.1破解版下载

Strand7 是用于结构分析和传热的通用有限元分析系统,包括预处理器、求解器和后处理器。 作为真正的 Windows 应用程序,Strand7 与 Windows 环境紧密集成,支持剪切复制粘贴、拖放和打印预览等功能。

Strand7 中的图形环境包括用于创建有限元模型的高级工具、加载和边界条件的应用、与流行的 CAD 和实体建模系统的直接接口以及自动网格生成器。 用于结果调查的后处理工具包括变形显示、等高线图、点击式数据检查(窥视)和动画。 用于生成报告的内置工具简化了编译、打印和记录结果的任务。


The software developer Strand7 Pty Ltd. announced the launch of Strand7 R3.1.1 is fully-integrated visual environment – combined with a suite of powerful solvers – gives you unparalleled functionality in a single application.

Strand7 is a general-purpose finite element analysis system for structural analysis and heat transfer, comprising pre-processor, solvers and post-processor. As a true Windows application Strand7 is tightly integrated with the Windows environment, supporting features such as cut-copy-paste, drag-and-drop and print previewing.

The graphical environment in Strand7 includes advanced tools for the creation of finite element models, the application of loading and boundary conditions, direct interfaces to popular CAD and solid modelling systems, and automatic mesh generators. Post-processing tools for the investigation of results include deformed displays, contour plots, point-and-click data inspection (peeking) and animation. The built-in tools for report generation simplify the task of compiling, printing and documenting results.

The solvers include Linear Static, Load Influence and Linear Buckling Analysis, a range of Dynamic Analysis solvers including direct and mode superposition solvers, advanced Nonlinear Static and Nonlinear Dynamic solvers and both Steady State and Transient Heat solvers.

Strand7 is a dynamic product; it is continually being enhanced and updated via the addition of new features and capabilities. We are very receptive to the analysis needs of engineers and designers and therefore we always give serious consideration to ideas and suggestions proposed by the users of Strand7. We endeavour to rectify all errors brought to our attention within a short period of time thereby ensuring that supported Strand7 users are always using the most up-to-date version of our software.

Strand7 Webnotes are a comprehensive online library of resource materials covering Strand7 modelling, application, usage and installation, plus general background and theory of FEA.


Based in Sydney, Australia, we have been developing finite element analysis (FEA) software and providing computational engineering solutions, worldwide, since 1988. We developed software for MS-DOS and the X Window System until 1996 when we switched to the Microsoft Windows platform.


Product: Strand7
Version: R3.1.1 with Webnotes R3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: PC *




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